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Affordable IUP Student Housing with both IUP off campus  off campus houses 
IUP off campus apartments

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2-5 bedroom Houses & Apartments

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Parking Location Maps

Parking Information for our IUP Off Campus Housing Student Rentals

Strong’s Student Rentals offers parking to both tenants and non-tenants.  Select the desired lot for more detailed description. (Located on the left)

  • Non-Tenants: IUP faculty, staff & non-tenant students are able to rent parking adjacent to campus at the following lots: 


848 Wayne Ave. Lot    or   314 South 11th Street/ Church Street Lot.

  • Strong’s Student Rental Tenants:  SSR tenants are able to rent or are provided with parking adjacent to campus or off campus at all our locations. 

  •  Please refer to the tabs on the left for each location under "Parking Location Maps".

  • At each of our IUP off campus student housing locations, parking is offered for the term of one academic school year.   We do not rent per semester.

  • Each person renting a parking spot is assigned a specific spot & parking tag which is to be used only by them with one vehicle.  A towing service is in place to prevent all others from parking illegally. 

  • The current rate for parking spots which require a fee is $300 for our tenants at our off campus IUP student rentals and $350 for non-tenants for the term beginning with the first day of fall semester classes and ending on Sunday of graduation weekend in the spring.  Look at each of our close to campus parking locations which are just steps from campus to determine which one’s require a fee from our IUP student renters and which do not.

  • Please call or e-mail for availability.

     Be aware that permit parking is STRICTLY ENFORCED by Buggey’s towing.  Buggey’s perform a RANDOM PATROL of the lots.  Strong’s Student Rentals ARE NOT AWARE of when they patrol nor does Strong’s Student Rentals receive any funds from towed cars.  This is a service that is offered for your protection.  If someone parks in your spot, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to call Buggey’s towing at:  724- 463-3851 to have the illegally parked car towed.  You must park in your assigned spot and make sure your vehicle does not take up any space in another spot to avoid being towed.  Please make sure all guests are aware of this policy.  If you drive a car that does NOT have a permit (even if you are parked in your correct spot) YOU WILL BE TOWED AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE! 

  • If you are interested in purchasing a parking spot, CALL Strong’s Student Rentals 724 - 463-7222.  These parking spots are sold on a first come first serve basis and do not last long!