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Affordable IUP Student Housing with both IUP off campus  off campus houses 
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"This year renting from Strong Student Rentals has been a wonderful experience! Ed and Mary are absolutely amazing landlords! I locked myself out of my room and within 20 minutes of me calling Ed was there to unlock it for me! We have had several things that have needed to be fixed or adjusted in our apartment over the fall-spring semester and they always get back to us the same day and often fix everything the same day as well! The apartments are so cute and well taken care of! We were really able to make it feel like home this year! If you’re looking for a great place to rent and wonderful people to rent from, I strongly urge you to go with Strong Student Rentals!"

Sarah Aycock

"Would highly recommend! Extremely inexpensive for what there is to offer. Located right next to campus, utilities included, and great service. Ed the landlord is always available and comes ASAP when needed. My apartment decided we wanted a coffee table and he came that day with a perfect fit. He provides great furniture if needed, and keeps the apartment updated and well kept. Have rented with Ed two years and wouldn't have it any other way! Having a cruddy land lord can ruin the college experience, I definitely recommend Strong Rentals to ease stress off of your home life." 

Ally Burrows

"Strong Student Rentals is a great family run business and place to rent from. Utilities are included, close to campus, and it is affordable. Ed and Mary Strong are wonderful landlords who go above and beyond for their tenants. If there is a problem at your apartment or house, Ed will be there as soon as he can to fix the problem. He even fixed our refrigerator light the first day of move in when every other college student was moving back in as well. They keep their apartments up to date and do not have any hidden fees. Both Ed and Mary are very kind and down to Earth people. Highly recommend!"

Morgan Good

"Great experience! I highly recommend them, but check them out early as their places go quickly. I found them my Sophomore year and stayed with them my remaining years. Now my sister and her friends are going to be renting from them. Ed is absolutely the best landlord! He is friendly and quick to do repairs. He will even come in to change a light bulb. No hidden fees, they are the real deal!"

Morgan L. 


"I have rented from Ed and Mary every year I have been at IUP! I would HIGHLY recommend renting from Strong's Student Rentals! They are great people to work with, very personable and friendly. They will accommodate you and any needs/issues you may have and will treat you as though you are family. Their prices are the BEST in the area for the convenient location (5 min walk to my furthest class!), the apartments are very nice and come with all utilities included (minus cable and internet) and they are fully furnished! I have never had anything other than great things to say and I could not have asked for a better Landlord than Ed. Thank you for everything you both have done for me through my years at IUP. I could not have hoped for a better renting experience. Anyone interested in renting from them do it!!! It will be at least one decision in college you will NOT regret! :)

Best of luck with all of your future tenants ."

Rachel L- Senior at IUP